Star Director Who Stooped Too Low

Several leading directors who delivered some of the biggest super hits are now either struggling or have faded into oblivion. Ram Gopal Varma who created a sensation with his debut movie Shiva in 1989 was a trendsetter. While he was mostly applauded for the path-breaking movies movies like Satya, Rangeela, Company or Sarkaar, he created a legacy when it came to the horror genre.

However, the man who was hailed as one of the finest film makers in India has faded away. There was a time when his movies were celebrated by fans and critics alike. Those movies now seem like a lifetime ago. Despite delivering duds in a row, he is able to consistently churn out movies.

After the disasters like Vangaveeti, Konda, and Ladki, Ram Gopal Varma is coming out with Dangerous a movie based on a lesbian relationship. The director who is busy promoting his movie, he stooped too low to get publicity for the movie which is not well received even by his hard-core admirers.

He did an interview with the Bigg Boss fame Ashu Reddy and “Dangerous RGV with Double Dangerous Ashu” was the title of the interview.

After the interview was over, RGV asked if he could touch her feet, and Ashu obliged. The director kissed her feet and then admitted he was not completely satisfied with this action. Thus, he proceeded to lick her toes. He saluted god for creating such a beautiful woman like Ashu Reddy.