Shriya’s Strong Reply To Trollers.

Some celebrities would go to any extent to grab the attention and do the talking about them. Right from their dressing, to their public behavior and statements, they do it for the purpose to grab the public attention and if received backlash, they would soon blame the public for looking at it from the wrong perspective.

Recently, actress Shriya Saran did the same. The actress was accompanied by her husband Andrei Koscheev at the premiere of her latest release, Drishyam 2. During the event, the couple kissed each other in front of the camera. This gesture of love was not taken well by the netizens. While a section of the Twitterati felt that the couple ‘overreacted’, others questioned, ‘Why do they have to kiss in public every time?’ She was even trolled for her kiss on the red carpet.

Now, Shriya reacted to the trolls during an exclusive interaction with a popular channel. She was quoted saying, “It’s kind of funny! Andrei thinks that it’s normal to kiss me during my special moment and I think it’s beautiful. He doesn’t understand why we would be trolled for something so natural. But it is okay, it is fine!”