Sherlyn Chopra blast Shilpa Shetty

Shipla Shetty is in celebration mode after her husband Raj Kundra came out of bail. However, when asked about Raj Kundra she is acting as though she doesn’t know him.

Sherlyn Chopra who has been making accusations against Raj Kundra, blasted Shilpa Shetty for her double standards. It is known Shilpa Shetty hosts a dance show and she does Shashtang Pranams to all participants.

Sherlyn Chopra blasting Shilpa said “You do sashtang pranams on TV to those artists whose art you are influenced by. Please show some sympathy to the women who are suffering by stepping out of their reel life and going into the real world. Believe me, the whole world will bow down to you!”

She questioned, “You expressed that you bow down to all those women who bravely face all the challenges of life, does that also include those helpless victims who courageously recorded their statements at different police stations?”

She accused Shilpa Shetty’s followers of harassing her. She said “These days whenever I post anything on social media, your followers troll me saying that my pictures are photoshopped. But let me tell you that all the investigating agencies of the country are much educated than you, me and your followers”

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