RRR: Rajamouli & Jr NTR resume Shoot in trembling cold!

Tollywood director Rajamouli is releasing a huge period film ‘RRR’ (Roudram Ranam Rudhiram). Young Tiger NTR and Ramcharan are playing the heroes. The film is based on the life stories of revolutionary heroes Komuram Bhim and Alluri Sitaramaraj. Alia Bhatt and Olivia Morris play the lead roles. 

RRR shooting, which had stopped for seven months due to corona, has recently resumed with all due care. Already released posters and teasers from this movie have raised expectations among the audience. 

Currently, a special set is being set up in Hyderabad to celebrate the rest of the shooting. The RRR shooting video has recently gone viral on social media. This was posted by BA King on his Twitter In this video, which was posted with the caption “Seethakalam Chali Panulanu Aapledhu” (Winter & Cold does not stop the work) director Rajamouli, cameraman Sindhil and the film unit are shooting under the corona rules, wearing masks and shivering. Rajamouli also explains the shoot scene to NTR. Meanwhile, RRR was expected to hit the screen this year. However, it is postponed due to Corona and is expected will be released in theatres next year.

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