Prabhas Is Happy, But Ram Charan Is Suffering

Collaborating with directors from different linguistic backgrounds always carries risks for superstars. With the potential for these directors not fully grasping the intricacies of Tollywood and facing challenges in the process. In this aspect, Prabhas seems to have had better luck compared to Ram Charan. Prabhas successfully teamed up with Kannada director Prashanth Neel for Salaar, completing the project on time despite a minor logistical delay, a common occurrence for big-hero films. Ultimately, Salaar emerged as a box office success, providing Prabhas with a much-needed boost at a crucial time.

On the other hand, Ram Charan’s experience with Shankar for the film Game Changer has been less favorable. The film has been in the making for an extended period, with constant delays. Shankar’s involvement in Indian 2 diverted his attention from Game Changer, a situation uncommon in Tollywood, where directors typically focus on one project at a time. While Kamal Haasan resumed and completed Indian 2, moving on to his next project with Mani Ratnam, Charan remains stuck with Game Changer. Mega fans have grown increasingly impatient, prioritizing the completion of the project over its eventual outcome. Nearly two years have passed since RRR’s release, and Game Changer remains in an uncertain phase.

Comparatively, Charan’s RRR co-star NTR has not had a release since RRR, but progress on his film Devara is moving at a decent pace. Although there might be a potential postponement of the announced release date, fans are at least kept informed about the project’s status, a transparency lacking in Charan’s case. In the realm of working with directors from other language industries, Prabhas appears to have had a fortunate collaboration with Neel, while Charan faces challenges with Shankar.