Poonam Kaur targets Trivikram indirectly-Blasts him

Poonam Kaur has some issues with Pawan Kalyan and we do not know what it is. She targets him in many of his tweets and now today she has gone to another level by blasting a top director in her tweets.

Though she has not named the director, the hashtag put by Poonam, #Gurjui clearly shows that she is taking about Trivikram and how he has not allowed her to come near and spoke badly if she even committed suicide.

Speaking about Savitri Garu on the stage n never ever promoting a local talent … rather stopping someone from doing that coz u think it’s not right after the girl was declared beautiful by ipl …u know minister sons n big families so what ? I think u r sick n manipulative ..Posted Poonam.

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