New Release Date For Salaar

After series of duds like ‘Saaho’, ‘Radheshyam’ and ‘Adipurush’, all the hopes are on Prabhas’s next movie ‘Salaar’ directed by Prahsant Neel of ‘KGF’ fame. The movie which was supposed to hit the screens on 28th September has been pushed back to due to some reasons.

Though it’s not officially confirmed yet, there are rumors that the movie will be released for Christmas this year. It has been reported that the film’s director, Prashanth Neel, had sent graphics-related corrections to the VFX team, which delayed the release. If everything goes as planned, “Salaar” should be in front of the audience in December.

With this development, the earlier plan to release “Salaar” during the Sankranti festival has been dropped, and the film’s team has now fixed December as the release date. The exact reasons behind this change are not yet known, but it seems like a strategic decision to avoid clashing with other big releases during the festive season. The “Salaar” team made this decision only to ensure the film’s success.

However, some are still skeptical about whether “Salaar” will indeed hit theaters in December. Official confirmation is awaited, and Prabhas’ fans are eagerly anticipating an announcement. Regardless, it’s worth noting that Prabhas is not the only actor facing release date uncertainties in the current scenario. Many other actors are also dealing with similar issues. The reasons behind these delays are numerous.

In “Salaar,” Prabhas shares the screen with the talented Shruti Haasan as the female lead. This much-awaited movie is generating a lot of excitement among fans. So, while the release date may have shifted, the anticipation for “Salaar” remains high.