Nagarjuna, Amala Inaugurate World Class Dentistry

Dr Mohan Atluri, star dentist is well popular across the country. He is popular among many Tollywood film stars. According to the latest, he started the World Class Digital Dentistry at Filmnagar/Jubilee Hills. King Nagarjuna and his wife Amala inaugurated the World-class Digital Densitstry set up at across The 6000 sft, state of the art, only of its kind facility in India.

Nagarjuna speaking on the occasion said “Have you ever wondered why smile is very important to film stars? They always have perfectly straight, super white teeth. It is very important for their looks. Film stars need to look their best because many watch them. And their images are blown on 70mm big screen. Their smiles literally make huge difference to their appearance and image. It is in their best interest movie stars prefer to have flawless teeth. Dr. Mohan Atluri is the dentist behind my smile. Not only me, behinds hundreds of film Stars in the Tollywood”

He showered praises on Dr. Mohan saying “He is the best dentist city has ever produced. As a 10 years old when we were living in Begumpet I used to visit Padma Sri Dr. A.S.Narayana, father of Dr Mohan Atluri on my bicycle to their clinic at Sultanbazar. As a child I used to eat a lot of chocolates and I used to have cavities. Many are afraid of visiting a Dentist. But this dentist always gives painless treatment. I wish him expand to more places in Telugu states and across the country”

Dr Mohan Atluri’s father Dr A.S. Narayana, recipient of Padma Shri Award from the Government of India