Director Teja Stirs A Controversy

Telangana is abuzz with election fervor as polling activities unfold. Notable figures from Tollywood, such as Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun, Jr NTR, and others, have already exercised their voting rights. Among them, director Teja, renowned for his candid remarks, seized the moment to address the media with an impactful statement.

Expressing his unfiltered views, Teja commented, “Those who neglect their fundamental duty to vote can be labeled as ‘Desa Drohulu’ (Traitors). They find time to complain about infrastructure issues like poor roads, inadequate schools, or water scarcity but fail to spare time to cast their vote.”

Highlighting the lower polling percentage in Jubilee Hills, Teja urged, “This area seems to have more ‘Desa Drohulu.’ Every capable individual should prioritize voting.” His passionate stance emphasizes the significance of civic duty, denoting those who abstain from voting, despite their capacity to do so, as betraying their country.

Teja’s bold and impactful comments resound his belief that failing to vote while being eligible is a disservice to one’s nation. His concern is evident as Hyderabad records a modest 13% voter turnout by midday.