Naga Chaitanya To Marry This Actress?

Speculation regarding Naga Chaitanya’s potential second marriage is on the rise. Known for his composed demeanor, Naga Chaitanya’s affable nature has garnered admiration from all quarters. His romantic involvement and subsequent marriage to Samantha were celebrated by many, as they formed a successful on-screen pair and were hoped to mirror that success in real life.

However, fate had different plans, leading to their separation. Amidst these developments, the conjecture surrounding Naga Chaitanya’s second marriage has intensified. Not too long ago, there were rumors that Naga Chaitanya and Sobhita Dhulipala were in a relationship and considering marriage. These speculations gained traction when photos of them dining together overseas went viral.

Subsequently, reports emerged suggesting that Naga Chaitanya was involved with Digangana Suryavanshi. Naga Chaitanya chose to remain silent regarding these rumors, while Sobhita dismissed them outright. Presently, new rumors have emerged, suggesting that popular anchor Rithu Chowdhary is romantically linked with Naga Chaitanya, and the two are poised for marriage.

While some are excited by these developments, fans of the Akkineni family are criticizing Rithu Chowdhary for potentially leveraging Naga Chaitanya’s name to seek media attention.