RGV Naked,Nanga, Nagnam review


Rating: 1.5
Cast: Deepak, Sweety, and others
Direction: Ram Gopal Varma
Banner: South Plus

Story Line

A young couple (Deepak and Sweety) always fight with each other for one or the other silly reason. Once Husband (Deepak) leaves the house angrily after an altercation with his wife (Sweety). The wife goes for a shower and at the same time servant maid (Jamal) watches his mistress in the naked avatar.

Though the servant runs away scared at what he had seen, his wife (Sweety) decides to woo and seduce him. The maid (Jamal) gets tempted with the hot looks of the mistress (Sweety) and both get intimate and start making love.

But much to the shock of all Husband (Deepak) returns and seeing them in an uncompromising position, gets furious and starts thrashing his wife (Sweety) and the maid (Jamal) black and blue. What happens next should be enjoyed on the OTT.

Star Shine

RGV has the knack of picking actors and all of them did well. Deepak played the role of angry and frustrated husband showing the right expressions and emotions. The actor who played the role of Jamal also did well coming with decent expressions.

However, Sweety, the girl from Devarapalli stole the show with her hot and erotic acts. Her killer expressions and emotions are a treat to watch. She indulged in no holds barred beauty treat shedding away all the inhibitions.

Director’s Special

Ram Gopal Varma long time back lost his sheen and Midas touch. One must be surprised is he comes with any better films than this and needn’t be surprised if he comes with even worse films than this. However, with just 20 minutes duration film, RGV with the ticket rate of Rs 200 +GST will make huge profits.

There is nothing in Ram Gopal Varma’s story and he concentrating on highlighting the beauty and curves of Sweety from various angles. He failed completely with his story, screenplay, and direction.

RGV depended only on lust and erotic scenes to cash into the weakness of the youth. One gets a feeling that TikTok videos are better than Ram Gopal Varma’s films. There is nothing to rave about RGV’s story and direction. But as usual, there are plenty of negatives and loopholes. Even if one discusses, it’s of no use as RGV is not in a mood to receive constructive criticism. Viewers will also be disappointed as Naked as advertised doesn’t have any naked scenes.


Cinematography just concentrated on elevating the beauty and curves of Sweety from various angles. Background music is just average. There is nothing much to rave about editing. RGV should have included a few twists and turns to make it more interesting. Production values are ok.

Viewers’ Verdict

Nagnam-Nothing Naked in it.. Ayyo!


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