Hero-Heroine’s Affair Become Headache To The Director

He’s a star hero. There are rumors about his fondness for the women. It’s said that the leading lady in the movie has his attention. She’s lucky enough to be working with this star hero and taking advantage of the opportunity to get closer to him.

There are talks that they’re having a great time together during breaks in shooting. When asked about the relationship between the two, a unit member hinted about their relationship.

However, their affair is causing a major headache for the director as the actress is not taking him seriously, citing her relationship with the star hero. She’s not coming for the shoot and is enjoying in the Caravan despite multiple calls from the director.

Although the director is also well-known, he’s helpless as he has his own issues with the big hero. The director has revealed to his close friends that he just wants to wrap up the remaining shoot as soon as possible and get some relief from this stress.