Ram Gopal Varma Takes a New Route

Ram Gopal Varma, once considered one of the most highly acclaimed directors in Indian cinema, has been struggling to find success in recent years. Despite his reputation as a controversial and boundary- pushing filmmaker, his recent movies have failed to make any significant impact at the box office or with critics.

As per the sources, he is planning to start a podcast that will cover a range of topics, including his movies, politics, and personal life. The podcast, which is still in the planning stages, is expected to provide a platform for Varma to share his thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics. The director is known for his outspoken views on politics, society, and culture, and the podcast is likely to feature plenty of controversial and provocative content.

While details about the podcast are still scarce, it is clear that Varma is determined to remain in the public eye and continue to push boundaries with his work. Despite the fact that his recent movies have not been as successful as his earlier work, he remains a highly respected and influential figure in Indian cinema.

Varma’s legacy in Indian cinema is a complex and multifaceted one. He is credited with revolutionizing the industry with his innovative approach to filmmaking and his willingness to tackle taboo subjects. However, his career has also been marked by controversy and criticism, with some accusing him of being exploitative or sensationalist.