Dubbaka: Who Dominates Among The Strongest Leaders?

In the upcoming Dubbaka constituency elections, three major candidates are contesting for the seat. With 1,98,100 voters – 97,019 males and 1,01,081 females – the competition is fierce. In the previous 2018 elections, Ramalinga Reddy of BRS secured 89,299 votes, Maddul Nageshwar Reddy of Congress received 26,799 votes, and Raghunandan Rao of BJP got 22,595 votes.

Raghunandan Rao from BJP, who came third last time, is striving to claim the top position. He highlights achievements like the Mallannasagar irrigation canal but faces challenges due to the party’s weak grassroots presence, dissatisfaction among party workers due to external recruitments, unfulfilled past promises, and limited social influence.

BRS nominee Prabhakar Reddy boasts a strong grassroots base, focusing on initiatives like distributing KCR kits and effectively implementing government policies. However, internal disunity among secondary leadership, struggles in choosing between two MP candidates, opposition to the government, and a larger number of non-residents pose hurdles for him.

Srinivas Reddy of Congress, with a political legacy from his father Cheruku Mutyam Reddy, connects with the public by addressing concerns, particularly against the Mallannasagar project. Despite having a base in Congress votes, he faces challenges due to his father’s political scandals, weak party strength at the ground level, and mixed support from three different factions within the party. Each candidate faces unique challenges and strengths, making the election a tightly contested battle in Dubbaka. The issues range from past track records to party dynamics, all playing pivotal roles in the quest to win over the voters’ trust.