Central Government Is Committed To Empowering The Disabled

The Union Minister was the chief guest at a camp for the disabled organized in collaboration with FIA 11 January,2023 ,

Hyderabad : union minister for social affairs Ramdas Athawale inaugurated a camp at people tech premises in hitech City Star anchor Suma and federation of India association representatives were present It has been revealed that more than a hundred people in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will be provided free Jaipur feet

Jaipur Foot US organization has come forward to lend a helping hand to those who have lost their legs and arms and become disabled in unexpected accidents. Jaipur is ready to provide free feet and limbs to more than a thousand disabled people in Telugu states. To this extent, Union Social Affairs Minister Ramdas organized the Jaipur Foot Camp organized by Federation of India Association, Jaipur Foot USA, Bhagwat Mahaveer Vikalanga Sahaya Samiti, Jaipur India, People’s Media Factory, People’s Tech, Festivals of Joy under the leadership of People Tech organization head Vishwaprasad in Hyderabad’s hi-tech city.

Atwala formally started. Founders of Jaipur US Prem Bhandari along with famous commentator, founder of Festivals of Joy Suma Kanakala, Avinash Roy and famous producer Abhishek Agarwal were present as guests and explained the support provided by their organizations to the disabled. In this program, Prem Bhandari provided financial assistance to a child who had lost an arm for transportation expenses to get an artificial limb. Also, details of more than 150 disabled people from different areas will be registered and artificial Jaipur feet will be provided to all of them.

On this occasion Vishwaprasad, the head of People Tech said my thanks to Ramdas Athawale and also my thanks to the representatives of Jaipur USA and Federation of India Association. I am very happy that you all chose Telugu states for a good work.Also said they will start this program from Hyderabad and thirupati.

Anchor Suma said soon not only Telangana but also the country will become disability and specially abled people friendly. Even the disabled has the right to live with dignity.The efforts of alAnkur,Alok and FIA are great.Artificial limbs are difficult to find for many people.On behalf of all my thanks to FIA for giving them Artificial Jaipur foots for free of cost.

Union minister Ramdas Athawale said according to the 2011 census, there are about 2 crore 68 lakh people with disabilities in the country. We are helping them all on behalf of our government. According to current statistics, that number may have increased.We are doing many programs from our ministry also said on the occasion of Narendra Modi’s birthday, we helped around 1500 disabled people. It happened today in Hyderabad. The event is in Tirupati tomorrow. On behalf of our department, we are giving high priority to the disabled. The Prime Minister does not like then to call disabled. That’s why we are addressing them as Divyangs.