BRS And YSRCP Among India’s Richest Regional Parties

It comes as no surprise that major regional parties in South Indian states boast considerable financial resources. In a recent report revealing the richest regional parties in India, both BRS and YSRCP from Telugu states comfortably secured top positions. BRS stands second on the list with a substantial fund amount of Rs 476 crores, while Jagan’s YSRCP ranks fourth with funds totaling Rs 456 crores.

Tamil Nadu’s DMK claims the third position with funds amounting to Rs 475 crores. The top spot on the list goes to BJD, a party from Odisha, with an impressive fund balance of Rs 692 crores. Notably, Maharashtra’s Shivsena holds funds worth Rs 267 crores, and Kejriwal’s AAP in Delhi possesses funds totaling Rs 169 crores.

With funds of Rs 168.67 crores, Telugu Desam Party (TDP), noted for having the most supporters among all parties in the Telugu states, is the largest party. The Association for Democratic Reforms’ (ADR) data collection is the basis for these statistics.

The report highlights the financial strength and stability of regional parties in South India, showcasing their ability to fund political activities and campaigns effectively. With substantial funds at their disposal, these parties hold a significant advantage in driving their respective agendas and electoral strategies. As political landscapes continue to evolve, the financial prowess of regional parties becomes a crucial factor in shaping the political dynamics of their respective states.