Battle Of Slogans: Telangana’s Political Parties Go Head-To-Head

In anticipation of the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections, the Congress party has launched an aggressive social media campaign. Sharing a series of posters aimed at accusing Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) and his Bharat Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party of corruption.

One of these posters, posted on the official Telangana Congress social media handle, mimics the iconic Nike ad campaign and features KCR with the slogan, “Just Loot It. Our Corruption Never Ends.” The caption accompanying the poster suggests that KCR formed a party with leaders specialized in financial mismanagement. It goes on to highlight allegations of corruption in projects like Kaleshwaram and Mission Kakatiya, as well as accusations of orchestrating exam paper leaks, branding the TRS as the “Just Loot It” champions.

In a swift response, the TRS IT cell edited the same Nike-inspired poster featuring KCR, transforming it into a message of progress and development: “Just Do It. Telangana Development Never Ends. Vote for BRS.” This move by the TRS aims to emphasize their achievements in governance and position themselves as the party committed to the continuous development of Telangana.

Tensions are escalating as both parties gear up for the forthcoming elections. Congress leaders are actively promoting their six guarantees for Telangana, while the ruling TRS leaders are countering with a focus on their track record and accusing the Congress of making empty promises during election seasons. The political atmosphere in Telangana is becoming increasingly charged as the electoral battle intensifies.