Balakrishna Gets Trolled For His Rude Behaviour

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s behavior has become a topic for discussion once again. His behaviour towards NTR and Kalyan Ram at Tarakaratna’s memorial day has attracted heavy criticism. A video from the event is being widely circulated on social media, showing NTR and Kalyan Ram paying their respects to Balakrishna, but he ignores them. This gesture has not only disappointed NTR fans but also other hero fans who feel bad for NTR.

It is well known that NTR and Balakrishna have had a strained relationship in the past. Although NTR used to speak out against Balakrishna, the tension between them has somewhat subsided since the 2009 elections. Since then, NTR has distanced himself from the TDP and Balakrishna, except for a few family gatherings.

However, Balakrishna’s recent behavior towards NTR has again brought the issue into the spotlight. While it is unclear if Balakrishna later talked to NTR and Kalyan Ram at the event, his avoidance of eye contact with them seemed intentional. Fans of NTR have expressed their dissatisfaction with Balakrishna’s alleged behavior towards him.

Balakrishna has been known to belittle NTR indirectly, especially when the topic of NTR’s political entry comes up. His behavior towards NTR in public has disappointed his fans. It remains to be seen how this issue will develop in the future.