Ayushmann: We’ve to help children understand how they can protect themselves

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana, UNICEF Celebrity Advocate, has spoken out about the safety for children and the child’s right to have a safe environment to grow up, on the occasion of World Human Rights Day on Thursday.

“Violence can and should be prevented. As parents, teachers, members of the community, and duty bearers we all have a role to play. We need to reach out to children, to help them understand that they can speak out about violence they face to their parents or call ChildLine 1098. We have to help children understand how they can protect themselves,” Ayushmann said.

He stressed that reaching out to parents, friends, communities is also important as violence happens at home, in school, in playgrounds, by people children trust.

“Helping them understand the importance of changing their behaviors and responses towards violence as well as increase reporting,” he added.

Ayushmann will be reaching out to kids and families to promote awareness of this mission.

“My effort as a UNICEF celebrity advocate will be to reach out to the maximum number of people with messages to appeal to them through the way I can do best, to support ending violence against all children. I am committed to using my voice, my social media platforms, my talent, and my celebrity status to focus the country’s attention on the need to end violence against children,” he said.

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