Amir Khan’s daughter Ira’s startling claims on physical harassment

Following the MeToo moment across the world which created a huge storm, many actresses came out in open and exposed the dark secrets.

Aamir-Khan daughter on sexual harassment
Aamir-Khan daughter on sexual harassment

In the midst of all this, Mr.Perfectionist Amir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan who is making waves in the film circles made startling revelations about the physical harassment she faced.

She revealed in her social media video saying “When I was 14, I was sexually abused. That was slightly an odd situation in the sense that I didn’t know what that person was doing and if they knew what they were doing. It wasn’t happening every day. So it took me a year to be sure that they knew what they are doing and that is what they are doing and immediately I wrote my parents an email and got myself out of the situation”

She continued ” Once I was out of the situation, and once I was out of that situation, I didn’t feel bad anymore. I wasn’t scared. I felt like this is not happening to me anymore and it’s over. And I moved on and let go. It was not something that has scarred me for life and something that could make me feel”

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