A Weekend Escape Beyond Politics, Hyderabad’s ‘Animal’ Mania!

In Telangana, amidst the recent elections where a notable turnout of young voters was observed, an unexpected trend has emerged – the frenzy for the movie ‘Animal.’ Despite the voting excitement, many young professionals are considering taking an additional day off after the election holiday to relish an extended weekend.

This desire for leisure and entertainment has sparked a significant rush for ‘Animal’ movie tickets. A substantial portion of these entertainment-seeking youths is eagerly pursuing ways to secure their seats for the movie. Some are fervently attempting to book tickets online, while others are personally visiting theaters in the evenings, aiming to secure their tickets in advance.

Additionally, many are leveraging their connections, reaching out to influential friends in a bid to secure coveted ‘Animal’ tickets. Surprisingly, the fervor for ‘Animal’ tickets has overshadowed the election discussions, dominating online trends as the hashtag “Animal Movie” has surged in popularity across various social platforms.

This unexpected surge in interest for ‘Animal’ has even outpaced trending topics like Exit Polls, #Congress, and even #Prabhas, showcasing its undeniable popularity among the youth. While this buzz might momentarily hold the spotlight, there’s anticipation that the release of ‘Salaar’ trailer featuring Prabhas could potentially shift the trend. For now, ‘Animal’ stands as the reigning topic, captivating the attention and excitement of the masses in Hyderabad.