A controversy on Kalki’s story

Rajasekhar’s upcoming action thriller, Kalki has been making a buzz ever since its trailer was unveiled. Directed by Awe fame Prasanth Varma, Kalki is slated to hit screens on June 28.

While the buzz is on, an aspiring writer Karthikeya alias Prasad had approached Telugu Cine Writers’ Association and alleged that Kalki’s story has been plagiarized by Prasanth Varma from one of his scripts.

The noted writer-director and ‘Katha Hakkula Vedhika’ convenor BVS Ravi released a press note and clarified that the script given to him by Kalki’s makers and Prasad’s script has no similarities and that both the scripts are entirely different. He further convey that usually Katha Hakkula Vedhika mediates between both the parties and resolve any issues amicably, and said, “If we find any similarities between two scripts, we ensure that the other writer’s gets due credit in the film and remuneration. In Kalki’s case, we will again take a decision after watching the movie and find any similarities.”

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