Awe 2 is ready to gon on floors-says Prashanth Varma

Director Prashanth Varma started on a good note with the success of his debut film Awe which was produced by Nani. His second film was Kalki which was a big flop.

So, there was a talk that he is making Awe 2 but there are no takers for it. So, he took to Twitter and revealed his problems. “For everyone who’s been asking me about #Awe2…thank you so much for your interest in the project. I have finished writing the script almost a year back and it’s much crazier than #Awe. But, I couldn’t find a producer whose craziness matches that of the scripts. Trust me guys. I really tried. So it happens when it happens” said Prashanth.

But the real news is that he is also ready with his actors and they have said yes to him. Now, they have to give dates and that is when he will take the film on floors says Prashanth himself in an interview.

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