YS Jagan and his new age politics


YS Jagan, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh after his 10 years of struggle in the opposition landed into the CM seat. From day one of his rule, his focus is to implement his manifesto. While all parties strive, what made YS Jagan different is the way he is trying to implement the schemes.

He is ensuring there are no middlemen between him and the beneficiaries. This kind of delivery mechanism is making the local leaders including the MLA’s irrelevant. It is also making them lose their clout in the people. It looks like YS Jagan also wanted all the middle layer politicians to become irrelevant in seeking the votes for his party.

He wants to be the only face that people should consider before voting for YSRCP. This is almost leading to a scenario of the US presidential election.

But the point he is missing here is the electioneering and the poll process in India don’t work the same way as it does in the USA. There is little to no manipulation in the USA at a voter level, whereas in India the election result is decided on how well the individual voters are managed with perks on the election day.

If the YCP MLA candidate doesn’t go all out in the constituency to manage voters during the electioneering process, it is to be seen how many beneficiaries will remain loyal to YS Jagan and vote for his victory. If this model wins, then it is going to bring a fundamental change in the Indian political system. It will ensure every rupee that is intended to reach the beneficiaries will find its way straight to his bank account.

Only the 2024 election result will decide if new age politics will win or if people want to go back to old school politics.