No Invitation to Pawan from BJP! What’s Happening Behind the Scenes?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to tour Visakhapatnam on the 11th and 12th of this month. Modi will stay in Visakhapatnam for two days. He will also stay for one night. And Janasena is the only ally of the BJP in AP. And if such a BJP Prime Minister comes to AP, he must invite an ally. But it is said that Pawan Kalyan has not been invited to Modi’s meeting.

The discussion here is why it is happening. Recently, when Pawan Kalyan spoke about BJP in Mangalagiri, he said that he has different political strategies. He expressed his impatience that even though he asked for a road map, the BJP did not give it, and time is passing by. Despite this, Pawan has not stated anywhere that he is severing ties with the BJP. Moreover, he said that he has a lot of respect for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

And when the same Prime Minister comes to visit Visakha, these two parties, who are officially still friends, must appear on the stage. But they say that the people of Visakhapatnam as well as the people of AP will not have the chance to see such a scene. When the media asked Somu Veerraju whether Pawan Kalyan would be invited to the Modi meeting, he did not respond. This indicates that the invitation will not be sent to Pawan Kalyan

According to reports, the BJP has reasons for its actions. Recently, when Pawan Kalyan set out on a tour, it is said that his meeting with the leaders of the Left parties made the BJP angry. Before that, Pawan met Chandrababu in a hotel in Vijayawada. They had discussions for an hour.

BJP leaders claim Pawan is doing what he wants to do without speaking. In the same way, the BJP decided to show it in action instead of talking about it. That is why the BJP leaders are saying that they want to distance themselves from Pavan, who is friendly with TDP comrades while remaining their friend.

Meanwhile, Pawan is very clear about his relationship with the BJP. He says that even though he said what he had to say and asked for a road map, he did not get any positive reaction from them. On the other hand, it is believed that Pawan and Janasainiks are of the opinion that an alliance with TDP is better. They assume that if they join the BJP, their political opportunities will be greatly reduced.

It is rumored that he is in touch with TDP and Chandrababu. In a way, the idea from Pawan’s side is that it is better if the BJP says that there is no alliance. It looks like he pushed the ball toward them without saying a word. At the same time, the BJP is also saying that there is an alliance in words.

Looks like the BJP wants to stay alone in AP. They want to organize Modi’s meeting on their own and send a message to Pawan that they have no alliances in Andhra Pradesh. So much is happening behind the scenes and Pawan has not been invited.