Damage Control Done For Rana Naidu Season 2

The web series ‘Rana Naidu,’ featuring the popular combination of Daggubati Venkatesh and Rana, recently premiered on an OTT platform. While the series has gained significant popularity, there have been mixed reactions to its explicit content.

Some have criticized the mature content, especially considering Venkatesh’s established image as a family-oriented actor. Despite the criticism, another group of viewers has praised the series, leading to a super hit status for ‘Rana Naidu.’

Recognizing the concerns raised, the makers have made slight adjustments for the second season. They have restricted some of the inappropriate content specifically related to Venkatesh’s character, while still maintaining the wild and intense portrayal of Rana’s character, as seen in the first season.

The release of the second season of ‘Rana Naidu’ is imminent, and audiences are eager to see the changes that have been implemented, as promised by the makers. It remains to be seen how these alterations will be received by viewers and whether they will address the previous criticisms while maintaining the series’ popularity.