RGV ghost haunting Power Star

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is known for targeting celebrities and hogging the media limelight. Ram Gopal Varma finds a soft target in Power Star Pawan Kalyan. RGV always turns Pawan Kalyan into his favorite punching bag.

He announced his next titled Power Star and the posters he released created a sensation. In one poster Pawan was seen sitting along with his brother Mega Star Chiranjeevi and in another, he was seen romancing with a Russian lady resembling his wife Anna Lezhenova.

What came as a shocker is In one poster Pawan was seen slapping the director. Now speculation is increasing on whether Pawan Kalyan really slapped the director and if so who could be the director. Pawan Kalyan’s fans are turning extremely furious and angry with Ram Gopal Varma for always mocking and insulting their hero. 

But they decided to ignore Ram Gopal Varma so that he does not get any publicity as he is dreaming of.