Director’s extreme step to save Sridevi

Atiloka Sundari Sridevi used to have immense fan following among all sections of movie lovers across the country. Director Siva Nageswara Rao who worked as an assistant director to Ram Gopal Varma recollected an incident while shooting for the blockbuster film Kshana Kshanam.

He said while shooting a train episode on Venkatesh, Sridevi,fight master horseman Babu,fighters Gopal Reddy and Ram Gopal Varma, they have taken all steps to avoid people.

He said the cast and crew used to get into train at Nandyal and come to Diguvametta station everyday at evening 5 PM and since the train doesn’t stop anywhere they never faced any crowd problem. He said however during the second day shoot, people came to know about Sridevi,thronged to catch a glimpse of her at Diguvametta.

He said it would have been difficult as during those times, bodyguards were not there and so he deviced a plan to divert people’s attention. He said as people started looking into various compartments, he placed the toy gun down on a cloth at the platform and along with Uttej started looking intensely at it. He said people got curious and got diverted and started looking at the gun.

At the sametime Sridevi was escorted to her car and once sridevi went away, they took the gun and got into their car.