VV Vinayak’s controversial comments on Tollywood

Director VV Vinayak was a rage in the early 2000s and several star heroes used to queue up to work with him. The director who delivered some of the biggest blockbusters like Aaadi, Lakshmi, Tagore and Adhurs has been away from movies for quite some time.

Recently, the star director made some controversial comments on Tollywood. He said that during his early days, he struggled a lot to narrate the story to heroes. Vinayak said that people won’t give time to listen to the scripts if he’s an assistant to director Sagar.

As he assisted Sagar for some time, it was quite difficult for him to get a chance to narrate the story. However, he was lucky enough that NTR listened to his narration and gave him a break with Aadi. In fact, the movie has made NTR an overnight star and since then both NTR and Vinjayak share a great bonding.