Pawan’s live in attack on Jagan backfired

When AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy asked people to learn to live in with coronavirus following all precautions, all hell broke loose. TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu and Jana Sena head Pawan Kalyan launched a blistering attack on Jagan.

They questioned whether Jagan wants people to learn to live in with the gas leaks like LG Polymers. However even before they could draw a political mileage, when Telangana CM KCR, Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal, and PM Modi also asked people to learn to live in with the coronavirus Pawan and CBN got a huge shock.

People feel Pawan who has a tag Power Star in front of his name, better show his power in actions and with intelligent speeches instead of becoming a laughing stock with the talk of live in relationship. People are of the opinion that Pawan is losing his steam and running out of ideas. Others say he never had any ideas and still showing his immaturity as a parttime politician.