LG Polymers in various controversies

The poisonous gas leak in LG Polymers P Ltd in Visakhapatnam left all stunned. It led to a serious discussion at the national level which highlighted the gross negligence of the LG Polymers’ top management and the Andhra Pradesh state governments headed by the then CM Chandra Babu Naidu of TDP and current CM Jagan Mohan Reddy of YSRCP.

In the meantime, the various scams of LG Polymers is getting exposed one after another leaving people of Andhra Pradesh in a state of shock.

It is coming out that LG Polymers encroached 23.47 acres of Government land worth Rs 120cropres. What is shocking all its the company approached the officials to register the land on their name in the Revenue Records.

Hindustan Polymers in 1964 acquired 160 acres in Venkatapuram near Gopalapatnam. Later LG Polymers acquired Hindustan Polymers in 1997. From then on it started occupying all the lands and it accounts for 23.47 acres. It approached the district officials seeking mutation of these lands in the Revenue Records. In 2016 the government officials in 2016 passed an order that those lands belong to the Government. It should actually acquire back the lands. However, it did not happen and even now LG. Polymers own the lands. Last September, a complaint was lodged to SIT but no action was taken against the company.

The 160 acres brought by the company came under ULC and the Government acquired them. But the company got exemption under section 20. As per that the company should use those lands for the company operations and create job opportunities. In 2013 the government sent notices that it will get back the lands as the company failed to fulfill its obligations. The company approached the court and got an order in its favor. When the government approached the Division Bench, it stayed the lower court’s order and directed the company not to auction the lands till the final order. But LG Polymers against the court order started Rs 600crs expansion plans. Time has come to conduct a thorough inquiry on all these things.