JC explodes on Jagan

TDP leader JC. Diwakar Reddy is popular for his aggressive and sensational attacks on his rivals. This time he trained his guns on AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy who is going at a breakneck pace on all issues.

Diwakar Reddy made shocking allegations on Jagan saying in AP there is Demon’s rule is reining and only demons are having a field day. He said the officials lower than DSP cadre are telling everyone that they are forced to do what those demons order them.

Diwakar Reddy launched a blistering attack on Jagan sying ‘ Our fellow Jagan is not caring even if courts are giving him shocks. He has done away with the High Court. Everyone is getting shivers. He is not asking why people are protesting in Amaravathi even though more than 160 days passed by. Jagan will not listen to Zindabad and Murdabad words. He may listen if half of the AP population sits in front of him. Brothers are behaving in a bitter manner when it comes to waters. They will not think twice to chop off each other’s heads”

Diwakar Reddy, however, showered praises on Jagan saying ‘ It seems our fellow Jagan is sincere when it comes to Pothireddypadu”