Union Government proposes drastic changes in CBFC

Union Government proposes drastic changes in CBFC

Lately, a lot of movies have come under the scanner for their content. Certain scenes in few movies have also created controversies in the country and hence, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is all set to bring a new Cinematography (Amendment) Bill, 2021 on which it is seeking comments from the public.

The Film Certificate Appellate Tribunal has already been abolished by the Modi government and the proposal for new legislation will bring changes to the archaic act of 1952 which provides for the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) functioning.

The power is given to the Union government in the amended act to re-examine the film, prohibit unauthorized recording, subdivision of the existing unrestricted public exhibition (UA) category into age-based categories, and listing penalties against violators to curb piracy.
This step by the government comes after the web series on OTT platform flouting rules by showing content in an unrestricted way. This also raises questions on CBFC’s existence for the industry.

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