Why is Harish Rao furious

Harish Rao, nephew of Telangana CM KCR has been in the silent mode ever since the second stint of KCR government in the state. However, at time, he fires on all cylinders taking everyone by surprise.

After overseeing the agricultural activities in the state, Harish Rao blasted the Union Government’s agriculture policy. He said the Union Government’s export-import policy is detrimental to the farmers of the state. He called the union government to reconsider its decision.

Telangana farmers are raising pulses in abundance in the state. However, the Union Government is importing the same from Africa. Harish Rao is faulting this decision of the government. He said he is not opposing imports but added that only when there is scarcity and not when farmers are growing farms in abundance. It has to be seen how the Modi government reacts to Harish Rao’s criticism and whether it will change the policy. 

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