Why ilu ilu behind closed doors, Amit Shah hits out at TRS, MIM

In a smooth, well-articulated speech, Union Home Minister took a pot-shot at the ruling TRS and AIMIM during the final and last press conference held by the BJP prior to the GHMC elections in Hyderabad.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah

“Why ilu ilu behind closed doors?” he asked. In what seemed to be an answer to the allegation of BJP having a tie-up with PDA in Jammu, Amit Shah said that in a democratic country, everyone has a right to align with whosoever suited them. But, but, he said that it was important to do it openly. “If you have an alliance, say it openly. Why be hush-hush about it,” he questioned TRS.

The Union Home Minister also took to answer several allegations levied against BJP that it meted out a step-motherly treatment to Telangana. He listed out point after point as to the amount allocated by the Central government to Telangana and wondered how and where the money was spent. He also spoke about suggestions given by the central government to develop Hyderabad’s infrastructure to make it a world-class IT hub.

“Prime Minister Modi and the central government had suggested a six-lane road running parallel to the Musi river. Please have a look at the road there,” said Amit Shah.

In a cool and composed manner, he also reiterated that the next mayor of Hyderabad will be from the BJP. “We will make Hyderabad a Nizam-mukt city,” he added.