T-Sarkar, Hyderabad hiding 50% COVID deaths

Telangana CM KCR’s government is facing the accusation of hiding the corona virus deaths. This is shocking all the right thinking people of the state. It is coming out that the Telangana sarkar is not reporting 50% of the deaths occurring due to covid.

TRS government headed by CM KCR is not registering the suspected, negative report, non tested deaths due to lack of proof of test results. Even the family members are not willing to have the name of the covid in the death cerfiticate and so they are not reporting them.

Many suspected cases include people who come complaining severe breathlessness, less than 50% oxygen levels and CT scan showing high viral load of lungs and sudden deaths without any testing. Secondary deaths include who die at home or on the way to the hospital without sympthoms and officials not taking their samples for testing. The third category is people who tested negative for covid but inside talk is they were tested early with in three days even before symptoms are developed. Their samples when tested after their death are found to be covid positive.

Deaths happen due to late arrival of test results and families donot want to get them registered and even Government is not keen to register them. Doctors say fatality rate and under reporting are rampant and so real picture is not coming out. Social stigma associated with covid is forcing people hiding the cause of deaths and the low fatality rate of 0.77% compared to 1.99% across the country is doubtful.

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