Shocker: Telangana districts vulnerable to covid19

Telangana government headed by CM KCR has been claiming that the state is containing the corona virus in the most effective manner. However, it seems research findings says something different.

The research conducted by Lancet made shocking revelations that Telangana districts are most vulnerable to Covid19. The study conducted across the country marked the districts in Madhya Pradesh as the most vulnerable and second comes Bihar and Telangana stand third.

The study while coming out with the findings, taken into consideration various factors like housing,health system and hygiene in the respective states. Vulnerability in the research means risk of consequences of infection, morbidity,including spread, mortality, economic, and social effects.

9 out of 30 large states, Madhya Pradesh,Telangana,Bihar,Jharkhand,Utar Pradesh,West Bengal,Odisha,Maharashtra, and Gujarat is highly vulnerable to covid 19. The research rated the vulnerablitieis of the states on the scale of zero to one taking 15 indicators across five domains-demographic,socio economic, housing, epidemiological,housing, and health system.

The research found that rural Telangana is most vulnerable as it is witnessing spurt in the number of coronavirus cases.

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