Secret behind Jagan, KCR’s water wars

Pothireddy Padu Irrigation Project

Even as the entire nation is fighting the dreaded coronavirus by imposing lockdown, what came as a surprise is the sudden start of water wars between AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and Telangana CM KCR.

This is making many wonder why all of a sudden water wars started and many grew suspicious about the intentions of KCR and Jagan.

While Jagan decided to use the Krishna waters passing a GO, KCR directed his officials to construct more projects in the state.

Both decided to approach the Krishna Water Tribunal board. Experts say Jagan and KCR during their initial meeting with the engineers of two states, decided to use the Polavaram project to use Godavari waters for Rayalaseema district.

But suddenly Jagan passed the GO to use Krishna waters. Experts felt that Jagan might have been misguided by the retired engineers and he should have first consulted Telangana CM KCR. KCR too went ahead and approached the Krishna tribunal.

Experts say nothing will be decided by the Krishna water tribunal and it will ask the respective state governments to sort out the issue.

Many political analysts feel KCR and Jagan are using these tactics to crush their opponents in their respective states. While Jagan is targeting Chandra Babu and Pawan Kalyan, KCR is targeting Congress and BJP.

But they also feel that KCR and Jagan are using water wars to cover up their failure to contain COVID cases and also the implementation of lockdown measures. It is known that Jagan’s government if providing wrong numbers over COVID while KCR is conducting fewer tests to paint a rosy picture. One shouldn’t forget that both Jagan and KCR made light of COViD saying bleaching powder and paracetamol is enough to cure the pandemic.