Massive fire in Vijayawada covid center

3 people dead and 2 critical when massive fire broke out at a covid centre in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh.  Ramesh Hospital which acquired the Swarna Palace premises as a covid centre has been managing it for quite sometime. It is coming out that at the stage of latest reports 40 people of whom 30 are covid positive patients and 10 medical staff were struck in the centre.

Ambulances and fire engines were rushed in to bring the situation under control. People noticed many patients screaming from help from the windows as fire broke out. The patients are now being shifted to Metropolitan Hospital and Labbipet covid centres. The reason for the fire accident is not yet known.

Just a couple of days back 8 people were killed at a covid centre at Shrey Hospital in Ahmedabad. At that time there were 45 patients in the 50 bed Shrey hospital, and the fire accident happened early morning at 3AM.


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