Kishan Reddy gets Pakistan shock

G. Kishan Reddy, Union Home Minister for state affairs got a huge shock when his personal website has been hacked. After the hacking was noticed, the website is now temporarily unavailable and the root cause is not yet known. Kishan Reddy’s website according to sources has been hacked by Pakistan hackers.

G_-Kishan-Reddy website hacked
G_-Kishan-Reddy website hacked

Kishan Redddy’s website is named and this was targeted by the self claimed Pakistani hackers. Pakistani hackers hacked Kishan Reddy’s website on India’s Independence Day. Later the hackers put messages like Pakistan, Free Kashmir and also warned Modi government.

Kishan Reddy’s office in Hyderabad confirmed that the website has been hacked. Sources say Pakistani hackers who hacked Kishan Reddy’s website were personal in nature and no critical date of the website has been compromised. The website has no government data and only personal information about Kishan Reddy, his profile, his work and achievements.

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