Corona strikes Telangana powerhouse

Harish Rao's inspiration from Chandra babu


Coronavirus cases are increasing with each passing day in alarming proportions after the relaxation of lockdown norms across the country. Telangana which used to see hardly 50 cases during the lockdown is now seeing more than 200 cases. Already Telangana Government headed by CM KCR is facing trouble from all quarters.

Allegations are on that Telangana government is conducting very few tests to find out COVID patients. Doctors went on strike opposing a lack of protection from them when relatives of patients attack them and also lack of PPEs. Now coronavirus struck the powerhouse of KCR. It is coming out that KCR’s nephew Harish Rao’s PA got diagnosed with COVID positive.

Following this Harish Rao who is the Finance Minister will be confined home quarantine at his house -Lazaretto. Hyderabad got a huge shock when the driver of Mayor Bonthu Rammohan was tested positive for coronavirus. Mayor will also be under home quarantine as a precautionary measure.