BJP has early lead, but TRS slowly making up

As predicted in the exit polls, looks like BJP will not after all have a lead in GHMC polls. At least that’s the picture for now. Though the BJP showed an early lead with their candidates pulling ahead in nearly 88 seats, the TRS has now managed to have a clear win in 57 seats by afternoon.


It’s a battle between TRS, BJP: GHMC Poll results


The counting will continue till evening, but looks like BJP is slowly losing its ground. There is jubilation in the ruling TRS party with results slowly pouring in.

Meanwhile, AIMIM have managed 31 seats so far. Deputy mayor Baba Fasiuddin has retained his seat as per latest inputs.

Various local television channels are busy with poll analysis and reviewing results. But allegedly pro-BJP channel Republic TV is also giving regular inputs, more so because of the initial gains of the saffron party.

The GHMC polls have garnered interest all over the country with top BJP leaders like Smriti Irani, Javadekar, Tejaswi Surya, Union Home Minister Amit Shah participating in campaigning for the municipal elections.

On the other hand, TRS has been confident of its win due to the many schemes it announced days before the polls were held. In fact, it also claimed that the BJP had copied some of its popular schemes to win support at the central level.

Even as results pour in, it has to be noted that the overall polling was a dismal 49 per cent in Hyderabad and greater Hyderabad.