ABN circulating Col. Santosh Babu’s fake videos,pics?

The supreme sacrifice of Colonel Santosh Babu during the violent clash at the Galwan Valley between India and China which led to the martyrdom of 20 soldiers made the entire nation angry.

When patriotic fervor is high across the country, few media houses, including Telugu channels like ABN Andhrajyothy circulated a video clip that showed the interactions between India and China soldiers, captioning it as Col.Santosh Babu’s final words.

The video went viral on social media but later on examination and fact check it was found that the video was fake. The 4.49-minute video clip is a combined version of previous altercations involving the Indian Army and the Chinese PLA and nowhere Bihar Regiment comes into picture which was headed by Col. Santosh Babu. The forces belong to Indo Tibetan border police and Indian Army Infantry Grenadiers and it dates to Jan 200 and Wayback in 2017.

Few media channels also showed a small girl and claimed her to be the Col.Santosh Babu’s daughter. Even that turned out to be fake. People after knowing this started attacking ABN Andhrajyothy and others and are saying media should behave in a more responsible manner.

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