Shocking! This KGF actor is no more

KGF actor : It’s been four years since the KGF mania shook the entire country by a surprise. The second installment of KGF is a much bigger hit and is on the verge of breaking many industry records. The audience who were in complete of the KGF world have also got connected to each of the characters in the movie.

However, there’s sad news. Actor Mohan Juneja whosed dialogues in KGF left lasting impression is no more. The senior actor had passed away in Bengaluru. The actor had been ailing from a prolonged illness.

Mohan Juneja, who made his silver screen debut in 2008 with Sangama is also a renowned dialogue writer. His dialogue “The one who comes with a gang is a gangster. He always comes alone. Monster,” gained immense popularity.

In a career spanning 14 years, Mohan Juneja acted in over 100 films in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam languages. Confirming the news, Homable Films, the producers of KGF, paid tribute to the actor and offered their condolences to the family.