Nithya Menen harassed by him for six years

The multi-talented actress Nithya Menen who was last seen in Telugu as Pawan Kalyan’s wife in Bheemla Naayak movie made some interesting revelations about her personal life. In a recent interview, she shared about the trouble times she went through for six long years.

Nithya Menen revealed that a ‘viral film reviewer harassed her’. Without revealing his name, she said that she went through tough times when her mother was recovering from cancer. She said, “Those who believe whatever he says are the real fools. He has been harassing me for a long time. He began to speak about me publicly after he became viral. He has been bothering me for more than six years.”

The actress further revealed that she has shown “incredible patience” despite everyone forcing her to lodge a police complaint. Nithya Menen opened up about the reviewer calling her parents and one day, finally, her parents who are usually calm going have raised their voices at him.

Nitha Menen said, ” I have shown incredible patience despite everyone asking me to file a police complaint. He would call my parents on their phones. Finally, even they had to raise their voice after losing their patients. He would always call even when my mother was recovering from cancer. I have seen my father and mother, who are usually gentle and calm, speak angrily to him. I told them to block his number.”

The actress concluded by saying that she had to block almost 30 phone numbers that the reviewer owns. She said, “I had to block almost thirty phone numbers that he owns.”