Politicians and their luxury cars

Many politicians and film stars are fascinated with luxury cars. Let us see what cars top politicians in the country are using at present.

There are very few politicians in India who are using their own luxurious vehicles.

Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi loves driving cars. He even takes his mother Sonia Gandhi to drives on the Delhi streets. Rahul Gandhi mostly uses Tata Safari.

Priyanka Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi, like her brother Rahul Gandhi loves driving cars. She goes on a long drive on her Tata Qualis.

Uddhav Thackery

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackery loves driving his own car. He always uses Mercedes Benz A Class and is often seen driving this car on Mumbai streets.

Omar Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir former CM Omar Abdullah is using his old Tata Land Cruiser SUV. He doesn’t like anyone driving his car.

Raj Thackery

Raj Thackery, MNS chief uses S Class cars.

Sachin Pilot

Sachin Pilot loves driving Toyota Fortuner. He attends political rallies with this car.

Kiran Rijuju

Union Minister Kiren Rijuju drove Mahindra Thor on Himalayan roads. He loves driving cars. He also drives Polaris car.

Pema Khandu

Arunachal CM Pema Khandu drives Polaris ATV. Pema drove on the tough Himalayan terrain.

Jyothiraditya Scindia

He often drives Land Rover Rangek on the roads.

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan, Jana Sena chief drives Mercedes Benz G Wagon car. He is an expert in driving all cars.


Chiranjeevi loves driving Rolls Royce cars. Ram Charan presented Toyota Cruiser SUV on his 59th birthday. Amitabh Bachchan also loves driving Rolls Royce cars.

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