PM Modi gives strong warning to China

Indian and Chinese army clashes on the border in eastern Ladakh on Monday evening resulted in the martyrysm of 20 Indian soldiers. China also lost more than 40 of its soldiers.

This resulted in a huge public anger in the country and PM Modi addressing the nation gave a strong warning to China. After meeting Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Home Minister Amit Shah, PM Modi issued a strong warning.

He said “We will not compromise with our country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We have shown our strength when it comes to protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country. We have showcased our abilities. Sacrifice is part of our Indian tradition. But, valor and bravery are equally a part of our tradition. I want to assure the nation that the sacrifices of our jawans will not go in vain. For us, India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is most important. No one can stop us from protecting this. No one should have a doubt about this. India wants peace. But on being provoked, India has the ability to give a befitting response under any circumstances. The country will be proud that our brave martyrs were killed after valiantly killing many (Chinese soldiers).”

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