Nepal PM’s Anti India stand due to honey trap?

Even as India has been acting tough against China to stop its expansionist agenda, Nepal gave a shock to India by claiming its territories and even approving the new map in its Parliament. To the top of it, the country even banned Indian news channels.

This came as a surprise to many Indians who started wondering why Nepal which used to have friendly relations with India started following the anti-India agenda. Though there has been huge opposition from the people of Nepal and opposition parties and PM KP Sharma Oli struggling to save his post, he is proceeding ahead with its agenda.

Now shocking reports are coming that Nepal PM KP. Sharma Oli is forced to act against India as he got honey-trapped by China. Inside talk is Chinese Official Hou Yangi in Chinese Embassy in Nepal honey trapped KP. Sharma Oli and due to his illegal affair he is forced to dance according to her and Chinese tunes.

This was the reason why Oli mobilised Army at the India border and also claimed India’s border regions. Nepalis are angry that Nepal has to pay a heavy price for angering India.

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