India to punish China for Corona Virus

India China

Ever since Corona Virus started spreading across the world and lakhs of people started losing lives in a pitiable manner, world nations raised suspicions that China hid many important details over coronavirus making the prestigious World Health Organisation (WHO) its puppet.

US President Donald Trump accused China of spreading coronavirus to dismantle it as the superpower destroying its economy and started branding Corona Virus as China Virus. He even stopped funding WHO.

Now with Coronavirus turning out to be more dangerous than expected, India joined 62 nations to back Australia-European Union draft resolution on COVID 19 origin. Japan’s term as the WHO Executive Board chairman will soon end and now India got elected unanimously under South Asia quota. India will take over the Chair of the Executive Board of the WHO after its annual meeting later this month.

Currently, USA and China are locking horns over coronavirus. Now all eyes are on India and how it will handle the situation. Many say it may support the USA and oppose China.

Already Union Minister Nitin Gadkari went on record that Coronavirus originated from a lab. The draft resolution at the World Health Assembly (WHA) called for an “impartial, independent and comprehensive” probe into the coronavirus crisis around the world. The draft excluded the US and China but south their no objection to looking into the matter.