DDC polls in J&K a sign of democracy: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken his time to respond, but respond he did to the recent comments of Rahul Gandhi. Narendra Modi was rather swift in cutting through the jibes that Rahul Gandhi had launched against him.


Narendra Modi retorts to the taunts of Rahul Gandhi over democracy


For starters, Narendra Modi started by saying that the DCC polls in J&K were a show of democracy. He said that within a year of Jammu & Kashmir being made into a union territory, polls were held peacefully and the people had exercised their right to vote. “That is a mark of true democracy,” said Modi, directly hitting out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

It must be remembered that a couple of days back, Rahul Gandhi had spoken to media and wondered if there was democracy in the country. He said democracy only existed in the imagination of people.

So, in a counter to Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister pointed out that people who did not follow democratic rules try to taunt him and insult him day in and day out. “There are some people in Delhi who want to teach me politics. They want to teach me what democracy is,” he said.

Modi said it was time such people were shown the mirror on how their governments were functioning. He took the example of Puducherry, where there is Congress-led government. He said despite Supreme Court directions, the local body polls were not being held in the union territory, due to calculations of some parties involved.

Isn’t that a violation of democracy, Prime Minister Modi wondered.